we've wow classic gold been playing classic on private serve

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we've wow classic gold been playing classic on private serve

Postby Rskingdom » Fri Jun 28, 2019 4:43 am

I really don't wanna begin an argument , but taking into gold in wow classic account that the way we've wow classic gold been playing classic on private servers is far different than the way classic was performed back in the afternoon, would little quality of life or balancing adjustments really affect tha vanilla encounter in such a bad way as people claim? I mean private servers made up values as well as boss mechanisms and folks did not mind and may enjoy WoW Classic anyway. Can it be too crazy to say that maybe taking advantage of some facilities we have now may actually improve gameplay and thus make vanilla more pleasurable?? I know this isn't exactly within the topic, but my main fear about Classic is the economy will not be exactly the same. I believe people got used to create"big money" at the past few expansions and they'll purposely inflate the AH costs to get rich faster.

Particularly for materials like ores, leather, herbs, etc. which will make the manufacturers of crafting careers to place their crafts for substantially higher prices than they actually were worth in vanilla. Obviously this won't occur at start, but within few months it could be very possible. Also back then most of the people were exploring WoW Classic for first time, and they did not know all the tricks and mechanisms for making gold like we do now. Even if its not Vanilla for many years, people have much more experience in how WoW Classic works + today we have YouTube videos, sites like WoW Classichead that can provide you very detailed tutorials how to make gold or farm stuff, while in 2004-2006 these tutorials have been a lot slimmer and sometimes not the optimal ones. I really hope I will be wrong tho. The Vanilla market system was among the best parts of WoW Classic for me, I truly don't wish to see the modern inflation in Classic.

Additionally it's 2019 stop talking about"private sdervers" like they all had exactly the exact same scripting or needed ANYTZHING to perform with each other the past ten years. Northdale is shit and so was Nost, it was notorious for being complete god awful on smaller servers which were really fond to the details. This genuinely makes me angry. "On personal servers" this and stfu, you apparently think all personal servers would be the same.Far back in my brain. There's a tiny thing squeeking to wow classic gold me personally, that I wasnt able to apply expose armor into a boss, if the value of the armor reduction was lower than the buff already found on the target. So a 5 stack sunder on the goal, and a 5cp expose cannot be implemented. Promting the line"a more powerfull spell/ability is currently active on that target." But I might be completely wrong. I only feel like that was a thing sooner or later.
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