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The Carolina Panthers have given us plenty of reasons to be frustrated with our team this year Michael Palardy Jersey , but one of my biggest frustrations continues to be the defense’s inability to get stops on third and long. My gut has told me the Panthers have been terrible in these situations so I turned to Football Reference to see if the data backs me up.Well, the data backs me up. The Panthers have been awful defending third and long this season. When facing 3rd-and-11 or longer, Carolina’s defense has given up first downs 23.8% of the time. This is the second worst stop rate in the NFL (data here):Worst stop rates: 3rd-and-11 or longerTeamPlays Defended1st Down % AllowedTeamPlays Defended1st Down % AllowedJust to put that in context, the top two defenses at preventing first downs on 3rd-and-11 or longer are the Minnesota Vikings (2.7% first down conversions) and Washington (4.9%). I don’t know what they are doing to make that happen, but I’m going with my gut on this one and guessing they don’t give 14-yard cushions and put their safeties 20 yards off the line of scrimmage on 3rd-and-12. Can somebody please share this with Ron Rivera and Eric Washington?One of the reasons the Panthers have struggled on third and long is their inability to get to the quarterback. Carolina has faced 38 passing plays on 3rd-and-11 or longer and have registered just two sacks or a 5.3% sack rate. This is sixth worst in the NFL, per Football Reference. To make matters even worse, the Panthers are actually really good at forcing these third and long scenarios. Carolina has forced their opponents into 3rd-and-11 or longer 42 times this season, a number that is second in the NFL behind the Pittsburgh Steelers 46. The Panthers are great at forcing their opponents into difficult third down situations, which is a good thing , but then they’re terrible at getting stops. I blame the poor performance what I am calling “the stupidly deep, soft zone.” As soon as the Panthers force a third and long, I start shaking my head as I see the cornerbacks and safeties retreat at (or sometimes before) the snap. If it’s 3rd-and-11, we seem give them a 14 yard cushion. If it’s 3rd-and-15, we seem to give them 20. Here’s a prime example from the Week 13 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bucs were leading 17-10 early in the third quarter. A stop on 3rd-and-11 would force a Tampa Bay punt and give the Panthers a chance to tie the game. Instead, Donte Jackson and Eric Reid fell back into “the stupidly deep, soft zone” (as instructed by their coaches) and gave up an easy first down. Deep soft zoneTo summarize, on 3rd-and-11 Donte Jackson gave Chris Godwin a 10-yard cushion and began retreating at the snap. Eric Reid started almost 10 yards off the line and then dropped... and dropped... and dropped even more. Reid was 27 yards downfield (!!!) at the time the catch was made. Not a single Panthers defender chipped, jammed , or otherwise pressured Godwin. Now, this wasn’t stellar individual coverage by Donte Jackson as he got turned around, but it’s hard to defend crisp deep routes when you’re backpedaling, no matter how impressive your 40 time may be. Guess what happened on the very next play after Godwin picked up the first down? The Panthers were flagged for a 52-yard pass interference penalty in the end zone, giving the Bucs the ball at the 1-yard line. Not surprisingly, Tampa scored a touchdown to go up 24-10 and the Panthers ended up losing a must-win game. This is just one example of the the stupid deep, soft zone and how it leads to the Panthers losing otherwise winnable games. I’ll be glad to bid adieu to many aspects of the Panthers disappointing 2018 season. You can count the stupid, deep soft zone as one of them. The NFL and quarterback Colin Kaepernick could have negotiated a resolution to his collusion grievance that would have ended forever his relationship with the league. Apparently, they did not.Appearing on CNN , lawyer Mark Geragos clearly implied that the settlement agreement does not prevent Kaepernick from applying for or accepting employment with an NFL team moving forward.“He absolutely wants to play,” Geragos said. “He wants to compete at the highest level. This is a competitive young man.”Geragos emphasized that Kaepernick remains ready to go.“I will tell you, he is the most fit vegan I have every seen in my life,” Geragos said. “To my somewhat trained eye, he looks like he’s ready to play.”So will he play?“I’m gonna make a bold prediction although I’ve been wrong once before on this, I’m gonna make a bold prediction that one of three teams will pick him up,” Geragos said.Geragos identified the Panthers, the Patriots, and a third team in more vague terms (he possibly was referring to the Seahawks.)“The natural would be if Cam Newton is out , the natural place to be is to play with Eric [Reid] in Carolina,” Geragos said.Geragos otherwise would not comment on the resolution of the grievance.“I can’t say anything at all except that it’s resolved,” Geragos said. “I can tell you that it was a long and kind of unconventional legal journey, in the sense that we brought it under the Collective Bargaining Agreement. It was not a lawsuit, a traditional lawsuit. So when some people have said, ‘I wish it had gone to court.’ It wasn’t in court, it was under the Collective Bargaining Agreement.”Geragos also addressed the question of why Kaepernick took the league’s money.“I’ve seen that on social media,” Geragos said, “but the difference between the criminal system where you’re fighting over someone’s liberty and the civil justice system Greg Olsen Jersey , which is anything that not’s criminal, which is all you’re doing is fighting over money. . . . Our justice system is based on money.”If the deal doesn’t include an agreement that Kaepernick will not accept future employment with an NFL team, he necessarily received less money than he would have gotten if the settlement included such a term. As it stands, Kaepernick will have his cake and the ability to pursue more of it, too.PFT contacted the NFL to request confirmation that the settlement also Kaepernick to seek and accept employment in the league.“We do not have further comment beyond yesterday’s joint statement,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said.Bottom line? The relationship between Kaepernick and the NFL isn’t permanently over. Whether he ultimately plays for another team remains to be seen.
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